Fertility Issues

More and more couples today are seeking help with conception. This may be due in part to the pressures of life today, delay in starting a family, poor dietary choices, exposure to toxic chemicals, or a combination of factors. Fertility reflexology treatments may help influence hormonal balance in the woman and improve sperm motility in her partner. This is augmented by sound nutritional advice, specifically tailored to the client, to provide a holistic approach in the search for a successful resolution. This holistic approach has been surprisingly successful for natural conception and also when used in support of medical intervention methods (IVF, ICSI, IUI etc). Many fertility consultants recommend reflexology as a means of increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. The treatment may help to create a more natural balance of hormones, allowing optimal conditions for conception, pregnancy and birth.

A course of reflexology is a small price to pay (in relation to the overall cost of IVF) to improve the odds of success.