Stress and Anxiety, Mental Health issues and Sleep Disorders

Many of us feel that we lead stressful lives and there is much evidence to suggest that this causes a multitude of health problems. It may affect sleep patterns, sex life, energy levels, digestive system and immunity and cause mood swings and weight problems. Stress & anxiety may contribute to heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Depression and stress are closely linked and the sufferer may be helped by discussing problems in a calm and unhurried atmosphere: something that is not always possible in a busy GP's surgery or hospital clinic. My reflexology sessions last between 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes, and this gives ample time to build a rapport with the client. Specific reflexes are treated to induce an attitude of optimism and positivity. Certain foods and drinks are known to influence mood and so diet is examined and advice given, where appropriate.

When people are feeling stressed or depressed, they often sleep poorly. Reflexology may help soothe a troubled mind and body and induce a sense of calm and relaxation, generally helping people to sleep better.