"I have been meaning to contact you as in one of our sessions in the afternoon u demonstrated the hormone balancing on me for the rest of the class. You wouldn't have known, but I have a problem with my hormones as I have polycystic ovary syndrome and had been trying to fall pregnant with my second child for the last 2 years. After all that time and 2 miscarriages, I actually didn't think it would ever happen. Anyway, after your demonstration I felt really weird and a bit spaced out, the following month I fell pregnant. I am due 22nd March and everything has been fine. Whenever anyone asks I put it down to the hormone balancing I really think it made all the difference."

Mrs M D of Norwich by email

"My partner and I travelled from Kings Lynn to Wymondham to have fertility treatment from John. We had been trying for a baby for about a year without success. I heard John at a teachers workshops and decided to give reflexology a go rather than IVF. We both had three treatments and then I fell pregnant. I have recommended reflexology to lots of my friends and family because it is great for relaxation and stress. The package offered by John was truly holistic and dealt with lifestyle issues, eating habits as well as fertility advice. I found it very helpful and informative apart from the glorious reflexology."

LE of Kings Lynn


Extract from card with picture of twins '..........Thank you for all your help during and after our IVF treatment, I always left your sessions feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed. ...............'

KM of Norwich

"Many thanks for the reflexology you performed to bring on labour. Baby Sam ( born 10 hours after treatment) is doing really well and has put on 10oz already."

SH of Wymondham